All Natural 7 Ingredients Potent Exotic Tee Drink Recipe

Articolul in romana aici: Ceai Exotic cu 7 Ingrediente Naturale & Potente

I’m in love with making teas and drinks at home, of herbs, fruits and other natural ingredients such as healthy oils and I’m striving for getting the ultimate reward: a taste like no other. My last attempt turned out better than I have expected, and it kept getting tastier the more I left it cool down. What I’ve used might leave you a bit unsure about the outcome, nonetheless, it’s herbal, all natural and made with potent ingredients. So why not give a go to this amazing tea recipe!

Warning: strong flavoured drink.

High Notes: peppery, slightly bitter from the lemon peel, cinnamon, coconut oil.

Suggestion: bring it down to earth with a bit of honey.


ginger; 1/2 lemon (slices); 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil; cherry tails; thyme leaves (just a few); fresh grapes (2, 3 – sliced in two, or three); cinnamon stick

How to: I’ve added all ingredients in the boiling water. Then turned off the heat and I’ve left it to cool down before serving.

Tip: you can use the steamed ingredients for a second round. Just add water on top of everything and let it boil. 

Blame it on the grapes for the wonderful color!



Preparing the Winter Pantry: Rich In Flavour Juicy Vegetables Mixture aka Zarzavat

Around the beginning of autumn here in my country people are preparing foods to be used in winter, such as pickled cucumbers, pickled cabbage or even better, the nr.1 must have a respectable cook should have, the zarzavat. It flavors in style the numerous types of soups and ciorbe from Romanian cuisine, and some other Balcanic countries.

The recipe is easy, however, you should consider arming yourself with a big dose of patience. Have a glass a wine on the table, play some music and start making your zarzavat!

INGREDIENTS for 5 kg zarzavat:
4 big carrots (or 8 small carrots), 1 celery (root and leaves), 1/2 kg yellow pepper, 1 kg tomatoes, 3 parsley bundles, 5 spoons of sea salt (1 spoon sea salt/ kg)

KITCHENWEAR & utensils: large bowl, knife, grater and spoon for mixing.

STORAGE CONTAINER: 5 kg jar (or 5 kg of smaller ones)/ 5 kg bucket

HOW TO: the main part of this recipe is cutting and grating your vegetables and chopping the parsley. It does not matter the order in which you cut the vegetables, just as it does not matter what’s first on your bowl. Grate the carrots and your wonderful celery root. Cut into small pieces your tomatoes and yellow peppers. Chop the parsley and celery leaves. When you’ve completed the task of having everything chopped into your bowl add the last ingredient, the sea salt. Speaking of which, the salt has to be grayish and big. And now that everything is added, all we have to do is mixing the ingredients together. Do it with your clean hands or by using a spoon.

We have arrived at our last step, and that is storing our zarzavat for the winter. You can store it in a bucket or a jar. Once it is placed and sealed, the mixture is going to leave a rich in flavour juice that’s going to add with or without the vegetables a one of a kind taste to your foods, especially to your ciorbe. There’s nothing like it. It is home made with zero preservatives or any other artificial ingredients.

Store your zarzavat away from light, like your pantry or basement.



Oh my, it smells divine! 


And now we can store it away. 

Some facts about  zarzavat: it is traditionally prepared around at the beginning of autumn to use the last harvest of tomatoes and the remaining vegetables on our list. That’s how you get the best tasting legumes. You can, however, prepare the zarzavat at any time, given the easy access we have in getting vegetables and legumes at any moment, throughout the year.

For best results, choose tasty legumes with a strong smell.

Good luck!

Transilvania’s Cabbage & Smoked Meat Dry Thyme Spiked “Soup”

Today I’m giving you one of the best ‘soups’ from my mom’s repertoire, a delicious cabbage concoction, with smoked meat and thyme. Before I dive into the recipe, please keep in mind that I’ve called it soup for the sake of simplicity, but in fact, it is a Romanian traditional and regional (Transilvania) recipe from the ‘ciorba’ department. It is not a soup. ☺️ 😉

Ingredients to four servings: 1/2 cabbage, 1 carrot, 1 parsnip, 1/4 celery root, 1 onion, 1 red pepper, dry thyme, lemon juice from 1/2 lemon or less, fresh dill, 300 g smoked pork meat, 2-2.5 l water, sun flower oil, salt and pepper (optional).
NOTE: you can choose any type of smoked pork meat.
Cookware for this recipe: stock pot + fry pan

STEP 1 – Stock Pot

We are starting off by preparing 2 – 2.5 l water into our stock pot and put it on low heat. This will give us enough time for cutting the 1/2 cabbage, with a knife. Once this is done, we can add it to the warm or even boiling water. It doesn’t matter, as long as it is not cold. The cabbage is now going to be let to cook in peace while we are going to move to step two.


STEP 2 – Fry Pan

Step two is all about pre-cooking our smoked pork meat together with most of our vegetables. But before using our fry pan, we are going to cut and chop the ingredients. Cut your meat into medium pieces and put aside for now. Next, we are going to grate our carrot, parsnip and celery root. Then, we are going to chop the onion and cut the red pepper.

We have prepared all our ingredients for this step. Now it’s time for the actual pre-cooking. We are starting off by heating few drops of oil into our fry pan, add the meat that we have prepared and let it fry for a minute. It only needs to get a bit of crust before we are adding all the other vegetables, first the grated ones and then the onion and red pepper. This mixture is going to cook on low heat until the onion is golden and the carrot is soft. You can add a bit of salt and pepper if you like. And now we are off to step three.


STEP 3 – Back to the stock pot


By now the cabbage had started to soften up, which is just perfect for adding the pre-cooked meat and vegetables. We are going to add all of it and not miss one drop of oil from the pan. Everything needs to get inside the stock pot. Give it a stir and mix everything together. Add the dry thyme. Let everything cook until the cabbage is melting soft.


When it’s done add salt for taste, lemon juice and fresh dill. Pepper is optional.


You can serve it with onion, pickled green hot peppers or just by itself. And then you can have some hot polenta next to it or even home made bread. It works either way. Enjoy!

My GO-TO Recipe for a Sweet & Healthy Breakfast

Si uite ca am revenit! Dupa o absenta de aproximativ doua luni, am decis ca da, mi-ar placea tare mult sa continui cu acest blog, in contextul in care mai am doua bloguri de care ma ocup si inca ceva pe langa.

Revenind la oile noastre, azi facem omleta cu banana. Aici pe blog mai am o reteta asemanatoare, diferenta fiind fulgii de ovaz si fructele alese. Dat fiind ca incerc sa evit orice produs cu gluten, automat si fulgii de orice fel de cereala ies din dieta mea.

Reteta este de mic dejun si/sau desert, dupa preferinta. In plus, este super simpla si rapida. Ca cantitati pentru o persoana, 2 oua si o banana sunt perfecte. Pentru un rezultat mai “pufos” folositi 3 oua la fiecare banana.

Cum se face: se bat ouale ca pentru omleta. Adaugati o banana intreaga si cu o furculita incercati sa o pisati in oula batute. Este de preferat sa evitati cocoloasele de banana pentru a crea o oarecare uniformitate in clatita. Este ciudat sa iei o muscatura de clatita pufoasa in care dai de cocoloase calzi de banana. Totusi, daca va place si aceasta varianta, asteptati ca clatitele sa se raceasca bine inainte de a le servi. Dupa ce ati terminat cu aceste doua ingrediente, razuiti coaja de lamaie pentru un extra gust. Va promit, este ceva aparte.

Pentru coacere, folosesc orice fel de tigaie am la indemana. Pregatesc fundul tigatii cu putin ulei de masline sau ulei de cocos pentru un gust mai dulceag si las sa se incinga. Puteti incepe cu cantitati mai mici, asa le puteti intoarce mai usor si arata mai dragut in farfurie. Ungeti tigaia cu ulei de fiecare data cand puneti o noua clatita la gatit.

La final imi place sa adaug miere intre clatite si deasupra, sau cateodata doar la fund. Ciocolata razuita este urmatorul ingredient. La fel, dupa preferinta. Poate fi doar putin sau puteti acoperi totul doar cu ciocolata. Voi decideti. Dupa urmeaza fructele. Mie imi plac merele si bananele deasupra. As evita citricele, cred ca anuleaza gustul celorlalte ingrediente. Deci nu veti mai simti gustul de lamaia, banana si gustul de ou pufos.

Puteti numi aceasta reteta “clatita americana”. Eu ii zic omleta dulce si o servesc in general dimineata. Servire placuta!


Tasty 3-Ingredient Soup | Supa cu Doar 3 Ingrediente

Ro ✔️ | En ✔️

Today I felt like I HAVE to give my body a soup – the flu and a bad stomach in the same time really took out from my energy. In the same time I wanted something very simple since most vegetables can play tricks on your body if there’s boiling involved.

Let’s get into it! Continue reading “Tasty 3-Ingredient Soup | Supa cu Doar 3 Ingrediente”