Oatmeal Pancake Dessert | Desert Pancake cu Fulgi de Ovaz

As some of you might know, I really have an issue with gluten AND lactose, therefore desserts are a tricky subject – till I’m proven otherwise, like the dessert I am about to talk you into.

 HOWEVER, it could be that the chocolate I’m using for my dessert, although not labeled as containing dairy, could in fact, well…you get my point – RIGHT?


1 — t h e  d o u g h/ a l u a t u l

quantities for one person/ cantitati pentru o persoana


o banana coapta | 2 oua | o  jumatate de cana cu fulgi de ovaz

2 — t h e  t o p p i n g/ t o p i n g u l 


un mar | o lingura de miere | cateva afine | o tableta de ciocolata razuita

The “procedure” is easy and fun – to me at least. I always start off by beating the eggs and I do it till the egg whites and the yolks are nicely mixed together. THEN I smash with a fork one ripe banana and no, the size of it does not matter. Obviously, the smaller ones ripe better and look more natural – to me. SO, moving on, this is my standard procedure for the banana omelette. Then, FOR THIS DESSERT I added in the mixture half a cup of oatmeal since I just bought one pack for the purpose of doing better with my diet.

From the resulting quantity I managed to create 2 “pancakes”. Moving on to my topping, lately I’ve been avoiding sweets like crazy (yes I am a freak), however after a while it felt like I can not take it any more SO instead of going for the packed stuff, here I am, being a good girl and respecting my diet – therefore I pressured my lovely mom to look for some quality honey and went for some “organic” shopping. Long story short – the topping is a tablespoon of good quality honey, grated chocolate (one tablet) AND fruits – one apple and some blueberries. 


THE RESULT: I liked it better than the simple banana omelette. The oatmeal gave a hint of taste similar to products containing flour and I liked it. The chocolate, honey and fruits pleased my sweet cravings and yeah, my experiment proved to be a success. Yayy!


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