Chicken Breast and Colorful Veggies | Pui cu Legume Colorate

I am again in a rush OR I think I am – truly don’t know. For today I’ve decided again for something fast but more importantly, something that is not over done – in fact barely cooked. That’s the word we want to hear, right – HEALTHY!

As you can see in the pictures, I’ve prepared few champignons, half a zucchini and garlic. I kept most of my mushrooms in one piece  – tails too. Zucchini is sliced for a faster cooking and garlic is sliced in two. I used zero oil – nada, niente, nimic. On top I’ve added salt, which works wonders with the mushrooms.

cooking time: 5 min
seasoning: salt


Moving on, after I cleaned my frypan, I sliced one chicken breast into thin slices and placed them into the pan, again without any oil. I like it better this way because I’m avoiding the greasy feel I get whenever I’m frying meat.

cooking time: 10 min- 15 min
seasoning: salt


With my mushrooms, zucchini, garlic and chicken being ready to be served, I could build my plate, but before that I wanted to add few raw veggies. Red and yellow pepper did the job wonderfully, looking colorful and appetizing.

Now that’s what I call a nice sight!


RO: Servirea de azi merge numai bine pentru cei care au sarit peste mic dejun, dar asta nu inseamna ca tu, cea/cel care ai fost cuminte si ai papat de dimineata, nu poti savura o farfurie cu legume la tigaie, piept de pui la “gratar” si ardei cruzi pentru masa de pranza – din contra. Totusi exista o chichita, si anume lipsa de ingrediente pentru gust (doar sare) si o lipsa de coacere completa in legumele servite. Ca urmare, daca iti place sa fii mai disciplinat sau vrei sa mananci sanatos, aceasta idee de pranz sau brunch este numai buna pentru tine!

Am inceput cu cateva ciuperci si cozile lor – totul lasat intreg, o jumatate de dovlecel taiat felii si cativa catei de usturoi taiati in jumate. In tigaia semi incinsa si fara ulei am asezat toate aceste ingrediente, pe care le-am lasat sa se coaca pana am crezut eu ca ciupercile sunt ok de papat. Putina sare deasupra si gata cu prim parte!

↑ timp de gatire: 5 min

Separat taiasem un piept de pui in felii subtiripe care le-am asezat frumos in tigaia spalata si incinsa. Nu am folosit ulei si am lasat pieptul sa se coaca frumos, pe fiecare parte. La final am adaugat doar sare.

↑ timp de gatire: 10 min-15 min

Dupa ce am terminat cu ingredientele “gatite”, am pregatit cam un sfert de ardei rosu si un sfert de ardei galben in fasii – pe post de ornament (ca deh, cand sufletul cere, trebuie sa-i dai) si pentru a savura ceva raw alaturi de pieptul de pui si legumele “gatite”.

Nu-i asa ca arata frumos!




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