Delish Home Cooked Asian Fried Rice Comfort Food with Garlic Pork Soup

Today I’m telling you how to cook a simplified asian fried rice recipe that I recently had in combination with a vey delicious pork soup.


ingredients: sun flower oil, pork meat, classic mustard, pepper, garlic, water, red pepper, dill, parsley, salt

I started with the soup and for that I marinated my meat in 2 table spoons of classic mustard and some pepper – not for long, just few minutes. Then I cooked it in a fry pan (be smarter and use a pot) with very little oil and 5 grated cloves of garlic on a low heat for about 7 minutes. At this point everything dried in the pan – however, not burned because I added water just in time. For some extra flavour I added few slices of red pepper and tied together parsley and dill to avoid messiness in my soup (#notafreak).

Cook until the meat is well done and don’t forget to add salt at the end – not before.


ingredients: long-grain rice, egg, salt

As you might know, asian fried rice can be quite elaborate, however, I’ve decided to keep it simple and make it fast. So first I did my egg, very little cooked in few drops of oil. I then took it away and added the rice on top of what was left from the omelette. I left it to burn a little and then I added water to boil. When it finished cooking, I added my egg and made it into really tiny pieces. Then I mixed everything together with a bit of salt.

How I served and how it tasted

I had the rice and few pieces of pork meat from the soup together in the same plate and served with soup from a little bowl.

I have to say that this tasted like a comfort food. The rice was soft and really tasty and the meat had a pleasant mustard like flavour. While sipping on my soup and eating the rice with the meat I felt like I just spoiled myself. Seriously, you need to try it!




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