Tasty 3-Ingredient Soup | Supa cu Doar 3 Ingrediente

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Today I felt like I HAVE to give my body a soup – the flu and a bad stomach in the same time really took out from my energy. In the same time I wanted something very simple since most vegetables can play tricks on your body if there’s boiling involved.

Let’s get into it!

fast and easy soup from just 3 ingredients + salt


• bacon • carrot • valerian salad

*feel free to choose your own quantities

How to: I prepared half a carrot into long slices, a handful of valerian salad and few slices of fried bacon – in total we have 3 magic ingredients. After I was done preparing my ingredients I boiled water into a pot and in the boiling water I added the bacon, the sliced carrot and the valerian salad. I left everything cook for about 5 minutes (no more) and added a bit of salt at the end.

There you have it – a fast, easy and pretty delicious soup for lazy folks, for those with food allergies, for someone who’s not feeling very well (flu, bad stomach, etc) or for someone who’s into trying various recipes.


Supica de azi are doar 3 ingrediente, este foarte usoara si necesita doar cateva minute din timpul nostru – pe bune.

INGREDIENTE: bacon, morcov si valeriana (salata).

CANTITATI: folositi dupa bunul plac.

Cum se face: mi-am spalat o mana de valeriana DAR inainte am rupt toate coditele deoarace pareau imbibate in pamant. Langa am taiat o jumatate de morcov in felii lungi si am prajit cateva felii de bacon pentru a adauga putina grasime la supa. Cand am avut totul pregatit am dat la foc o oala cu apa in care am adaugat toate ingredientele in acelasi timp. La final am adaugat doar putina sare.

Timp de fierbere: 5 minute

Cum a iesit: baconul prajit a dat un gust placut supei, morcovul a fost delicios iar salata a picat numai bine. Zeama supei a fost curata si asa imi si propusesem – sa-mi pregatesc o supica cu zeama curata.

Foarte buna daca: sunteti raciti, in graba, lenesi, vreti sa experimentati, curiosi sau aveti un stomac sensibil.

Pofta buna!


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