All Natural 7 Ingredients Potent Exotic Tee Drink Recipe

Articolul in romana aici: Ceai Exotic cu 7 Ingrediente Naturale & Potente

I’m in love with making teas and drinks at home, of herbs, fruits and other natural ingredients such as healthy oils and I’m striving for getting the ultimate reward: a taste like no other. My last attempt turned out better than I have expected, and it kept getting tastier the more I left it cool down. What I’ve used might leave you a bit unsure about the outcome, nonetheless, it’s herbal, all natural and made with potent ingredients. So why not give a go to this amazing tea recipe!

Warning: strong flavoured drink.

High Notes: peppery, slightly bitter from the lemon peel, cinnamon, coconut oil.

Suggestion: bring it down to earth with a bit of honey.


ginger; 1/2 lemon (slices); 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil; cherry tails; thyme leaves (just a few); fresh grapes (2, 3 – sliced in two, or three); cinnamon stick

How to: I’ve added all ingredients in the boiling water. Then turned off the heat and I’ve left it to cool down before serving.

Tip: you can use the steamed ingredients for a second round. Just add water on top of everything and let it boil. 

Blame it on the grapes for the wonderful color!



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