About Tiny M

Hi everyone.

My name is Tiny M and I care for environment AND creativity. I noticed I feel great when I make something with my hands. However, I must be careful how I get the materials I use in my hobby, and a good idea was to start using recycled leather and wood, both being important in my hobby.

By recycling leather and wood I avoid (I hope) adding to the request of getting leather by killing more animals or wood by cutting more trees.

I’m not saying this is the way to practice responsible creativity, I am only saying this is what I could come up with so far.

Besides recycling leather, I use other materials, like different types of steel, types of beads and different fabrics that I like.

In the future I intend to understand more about recycling, environmental issues and ethical consumerism. I think it’s important to be responsible and choose eco friendly methods in creating our work, methods that serve everyone, from animals to environment, to employees, to consumers, to Earth and to YOU.