Winter Pantry: Black Grapes Stewed Fruit For Sweet Tooth Moments

I believe we can all agree on how delicious grape stewed fruit is. In those appetizing moments when you want something that combines your favorite fruits with a refreshing juice, this is one of my go-to fantasy. And if it’s homemade we have more to gain, because it will be natural, healthy and made by us. If you agree with me, read on, cause I’m about to reveal the simple recipe of this savorous food and I’ll tell you how to prepare it.


Black ripe grapes/ white sugar / water. Not bad, right?

Pots / Containers

glass jars / a large pot / clean kitchen towel / tablespoon / kettle / funnel

How To

We had about 2 kg of black grapes to work with, removing each grape from the cluster and selecting the healthiest looking of all being duties we had to accomplish in the process.

As far as I remember, we washed and prepared 18 empty bottles of Prigat juice (0.25 ml), saved by my mom from her working place, especially for this occasion. You can use a larger jar or any other type of jar, as long as the neck is wide enough for the grapes.

By preparation I refer to thorough washing with water and dishwashing detergent, rinsing and draining. Good! With the cleanest jars being ready, let’s get to the fun part, namely the filling.

We’ve filled each jar by half to have a lot of syrup and then we added one tablespoon of sugar per bottle for a semi-sweet taste.

Although some may prefer filtered or beforehand boiled water for the filling, we’ve used tap water. In the next step, we’re going to make up for the missing piece.

The next step is an old-fashioned method, but it is practical and ensures the same conservation, therefore it does the job. We are going to fill up a large pot with water, making sure that we have enough, as we need to have all the bottles well covered inside the pot. BUT we do not add the jars right away. Wait till the water is tolerable at the touch of the finger. Now we’re placing a kitchen towel on the bottom and put the jars in. Leave to boil for 30min – 35min. Stop the fire and let everything cool down in the water. Finally, when the jars are completely cooled down, take them out, let it dry and place away from light for those in-need-of-a-dessert winter moments.

One week later.

Compot 2

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